The artistic career of Nathalie Lefort

Nathalie Lefort is an artist from north of France (Lille area).

Having studied graphic arts in the prestigious Saint-Luc Art Institution in Tournai, Belgium, She has been expressing herself for many years through watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

Her style is moving towards a more contemporary style depicting landscapes with the painting knives technique.

Nathalie Lefort also has a growing passion for clay modeling, and bronze sculptures. This activity takes nowadays the largest part of her time.

Sculpture allows her to catch instants of life and make them eternal.

 Exhibition at the workshop
 Exhibition at Douai hospital

 Artistes douaisiens art fair
 Sculpture exhibition in Konz former monastry gallery, Germany
 Tous dans la ronde exhibition
  Exhibition in Lambres-lez-Douai, Espace Helios


  Workshop open house
 Templ'oeuvres art exhibition
Sculpture exhibition in Pinart-Despinoy jewelry, Douai

 7th sculpture meeting, Espace Culturel Franchomme in Hem
 Artistes douaisiens art fair
 Tous dans la ronde

 2014   Orchies art exhibition
 Artistes douaisiens art fair
 Tous dans la ronde



  Exhibition Société Générale de Valenciennes
  Artistes douaisien art fair
-  Prix de la Ville de Douai
  Exhibition Tous dans la ronde
  Exhibition for the benefit to "Les enfants de la lune" association

  Painting exhibition during the Concert d'Astrée
  Exhibition "Au fil de..." MJC Maison pour tous de Douai



  Exhibition in Palais Rihour, Lille
  International Exhibition of Arts and Letters SIAL22 - Gold Medal
  Exhibition in BNP Paribas headquarters, Lille



 Exhibition at the workshop
 Exhibition in Sofitel Hôtel, Luxembourg
 Exhibition at Douai artist fair
 Exhibition in Espace Helios, Douai


 Sculpture exhibition in Pinart-Despinoy jewelry, Douai
 Sculpture exhibition in Annie Wable gallerie, Lille


 Workshop Open house 



  Exhibition of paintings at the Halle au draps, Douai


  Workshop Open house


 Co-directed with a hundred employees company anniversary canvas 


 Exhibition in Douai, Salles d'Anchin, with Innerwheel


 Exhibition at La Halle aux draps, Douai


 Exhibition at the town hall of Hem


 Exhibition in Strasbourg