Code of ethics of art foundries

Defined by the art foundry in General Union members of the Founders of France (1), with the assistance:
- Union of Sculptors,
- The National Chamber of Auctioneers,
- Committee of the Galleries, and approved by these four organizations.
(1) called THE METAL FUME OF FRANCE since April 20, 2000

Every work of art produced by Foundry, regardless of the metal alloy used, must include, registered in the thickness of metal, normally visible and indelibly, the following markings:
- The signature of the sculptor (eventually followed, if requested, the date of creation of his work),
- The number of trial
- The kind of depth, or signature,
- The vintage year of the cast (four digits).

Every work of art can be obtained by Foundry produced:
either under the name of "ORIGINAL"
or in the form of "multiple",
either that of "PIECE UNIQUE".
This choice depends on the Artist. It must be determined before the realization of the first piece and is irrevocable.

When produced under the name of "ORIGINAL", any work of art in molten metal alloy can be achieved, according to current regulations, that number up to 12 copies, even if the composition or color of the alloy are not the same for each of 12 pieces.
These original four, called "Artist Proofs", should be numbered EA I / IV, EA II / IV, EA III / IV, EA IV / IV in Roman numerals, the other 8 are numbered 1/8, 2 / 8 etc.. in Arabic numerals.
The founders shall refrain from any other marking including O, O more, HC, etc..
It is possible to produce against a number of originals below 12, the choice of this number must then be determined, irrevocably, by the artist, before the first cast.
Limiting the number of original prints only affects 8 works numbered in Arabic numerals and does not preclude the achievement of four artist's proofs.
When the amount predetermined by the artist, is reached, it can not be exceeded.

When the artist decides to cast the first to edit his work as "multiple" they will be numbered from the original 1 (then 2, then 3, etc..) On the number of multiples determined by the artist (eg, 1/100 or 1/300, etc..).
As with the original, once reached the draw of the predetermined amount (100/100 or 300/300) no other drawing will be possible, even if the color or composition of the alloys used are not the same for all the series.
If the draft is a work as "multiple" there is neither original nor artist's proofs.

When a work has been cast in a single example from a wax directly by the artist, it will be marked "PU" (Part One) with precision, if any "direct Wax".
This particular work will not be any artist's proof course or multiple.


6.1. - MODELS
When a part is used as a "MODEL" it will with this indication, possibly a reference to the technique used (eg: model - direct wax followed by: name of the sculptor, EA I / IV, founder of the name, year of cast iron).
The "MODELS" are part of the series of four artist's proofs and numbered as indicated above.

6.2. - REFUSAL
Every work of art by the artist refused to be destroyed by the founder. If this has been done in the presence of the artist, the foundry must provide evidence.

Under the terms of the Act of March 8, 1935 published in the Official Journal of 10 March 1935, art objects made and sold under the name of "art bronze" must necessarily be made from a metal alloy in which between the copper in a proportion which can not be less than 65 percent of the total weight of the manufactured object.

Reproduction of works of art is governed by Articles 8 and 9 of the Decree of 3 March 1981 on fraud prevention.
Any reproduction executed in accordance with this Decree will necessarily include, visibly, legibly and indelibly, on a visible part of the room, the words "REPRODUCTION" followed by the vintage cast iron into 4 digits.

Texts related to art:
- Act of 11 March 1957 on the literary and artistic property (OJ of 14 March 1957) (2).
- Article 71 of Annex III of the General Tax Code (3).
- Decree 81-255 of 3 March 1981, Articles 8 and 9, on Fraud (OJ of 20 March 1981 page 825).
- Instruction n ° 75-223 of 6 May 1975 the Customs Administration (BOD No. 3117).
- Decree No. 91-1326 of 23 December 1991 (OJ of 31.12.91 page 43) (4).
(2) integrated with the Code of Intellectual Property (Articles L 111-1 and following)
(3) applicable text March 31, 2005: Article 98 A, II of Annex III of the Tax Code
(4) applicable text March 31, 2005: Decree No. 95-172 of 17 February 1995 (OJ of 2.19.95 page 2731)

All members of professional organizations signing this document expressly agree to implement it.
Document signed at the Paris headquarters of the General Syndicate of the Founders of France, 18 November 1993.
For the General Union of the Founders of France, President Jean Maslard
For the Union of Sculptors, President, Benedict COIGNARD
For the National Chamber of Auctioneers, President, Yannick Guillou
Committee for the Art Dealers Association, The President, Michel Dauberville